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#DeathPools – Moral or Immoral?

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

A Death Pool aKa “Dead Pool” is a game of prediction which involves guessing when somebody is going to die. I first started hearing of these Death Pools back in 2009 when the likes of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Bea Arthur, Brittany Murphey, Ed McMahon, Patrick Swayze and many others passed. Death is not something that should be laughed about or even gambled over. So why do people do “Death Pools”? Why do people create a list of celebrities that they think are going to die in the coming year?

Well not going to lie but I myself am apart of a Celebrity Death Pool (which by the way I am horrible at). Why did I do the death pool? Quite simple, it cost 10$ to join and to put a list of people together who I think might die this year. Before creating this list I did a little research and found celebrities that were in and out of hospitals, gone completely coocoo or simply just didn’t seem to be going on the right path. I joined this pool and created this list not wishing death upon any celebrity but with the way they seemed to be dropping I guess it was just an cheap and easy pool that for 12 months I really didn’t need to pay attention to and just wait to see if I win or not. As of right now my list is still alive and kicking.

Here is a list of people on my list with a little reasoning to why I picked them:

  1. Miley Cyrus – I mean look at her, seems to be following the likes of all Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears but I feel that maybe she was just going to take it a little further.
  2. Lindsay Lohan – Have you seen her on the news? Seen the way she has been acting? I am suprised she is still kicking after all those drugs.
  3. Michael Douglas – He was a popular one on other lists as he was battling cancer.
  4. Margaret Thatcher – Lady Thatcher still alive but funeral plans are already in the works?
  5. Stan Lee – This guy is almost 89 years old!!!
  6. Hugh Hefner – Rockin 85 years old and has more swag then anyone reading this post.
  7. Betty White – The last Golden Girl can only go on for so long. Seems like she has resurrected her career once she became the last Golden Girl.
  8. Zsa Zsa Gabor – She was having lots of heath issues and is currently in a coma.
  9. Nicole Polizzi (snooki) – Have you seen the way she parties?
  10. Kirk Douglas – Had some health issues leading into 2011
  11. Mel Gibson – This guy went crazy last year.
  12. Cher – How much more can one handle with all these drugs?
  13. Charlie Sheehn – After is departure from Two and A Half Men him and and Warlocks have gone nuts.

Now all of my guesses are still alive and kicking. So do I feel that Death Pools are Moral and that they are ok to do? Well yes I think they are fine. I am not GOD and I cannot “legally” cause someone to die, so what is wrong with me putting a list together? I don’t believe in superstition or “jinx” and I can put 13 names on a list every year and it will not cause a persons death.

How do you feel about Death Pools? Care to share your list?