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#GothamRogues shirt from #TDKR movie shoot in Pittsburgh

So as you may have saw in a previous post (August 2011), I drove out to Pittsburgh to film as an extra in the new Batman The Dark Knight Rises. At the shoot a select few people received a Gotham Rogues Under Armor shirt. They threw the shirt to the first couple rows as well as did some contests.

I just so happened to be one of the lucky few to receive one of these shirts which can now be yours!!!!

Check it out on Ebay:
Item number: 160853614841


Motivation For Weight Loss… If @JonahHill Can so Can I

November 22, 2011 1 comment

Well for the past 2 years I have made multiple attempts of trying to lose weight. I have started quite a few “Biggest Loser” Contests at work, one of which I list 40lbs in 3 months, and I have also tried to do it on my own tracking everything I ate throughout the week. All in all it has been very difficult as I have been stuck at this plato. From the 40lbs that I have lost I have added back on 20 (not good).

With that said it is time for a new plan!!!! For those who do not know, I am expecting TWIN girls next year and I want to make sure that I get on track to a healthy lifestyle so I can be in the life for many years to come and making sure that I can be an active Dad.

After seeing the tremendous weight loss that celebrity Jonah Hill (@jonahhill) has accomplished and seeing that it is quite possible at this age to still lose weight, I am determined to make another attempt.

So starting Monday, November 28th, I plan to completely change my lifestyle of eating, start exercising on a daily basis, and going to start feeling a lot better about myself (I chose Monday as it is impossible to start this change on Thanksgiving week). Hopefully with the help of friends, I will be able to cut out the drinking (not hard as I have done it before) & cut out the fast food.

The plan will be to weigh in every Monday morning and post my weight / weight loss via my Twitter account (@sgiuffrejr). So please if you haven’t already follow me, and be sure to Tweet to me or post comments on my blog to help motivate me. Even in weight loss there is no “i” in success

@AdamSandler – Funny or OverRated?

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Adam Sandler
Funny or Overrated?

It comes up a lot in discussions when discussing an Adam Sandler movie whether or not he is funny or if he is overrated. I personally enjoy watching about 95% percent of the movies that he has done, and also the albums that he has.

I like the fact that in the majority of his movies you see a lot of familiar faces, which I think, helps with the comedic standpoint. When you work with the same group of people, friends, that are all in the same genre of movies it helps build the characters. I use to think that a lot of his movies were geared towards kids, but just the other day I watched Funny People and there it was, Sandler with hooking up with girls and boobs flopping across the screen. Other then that movie I find a lot of them to have humor.

So I will go with saying I do feel Adam Sandler is funny and will not go with overrated. I think he has built himself up so much with great movies in the start that people just aspects the next one to be just as funny or if not funnier.

So what do you think? Is Adam funny or overrated?

#DeathPools – Moral or Immoral?

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

A Death Pool aKa “Dead Pool” is a game of prediction which involves guessing when somebody is going to die. I first started hearing of these Death Pools back in 2009 when the likes of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Bea Arthur, Brittany Murphey, Ed McMahon, Patrick Swayze and many others passed. Death is not something that should be laughed about or even gambled over. So why do people do “Death Pools”? Why do people create a list of celebrities that they think are going to die in the coming year?

Well not going to lie but I myself am apart of a Celebrity Death Pool (which by the way I am horrible at). Why did I do the death pool? Quite simple, it cost 10$ to join and to put a list of people together who I think might die this year. Before creating this list I did a little research and found celebrities that were in and out of hospitals, gone completely coocoo or simply just didn’t seem to be going on the right path. I joined this pool and created this list not wishing death upon any celebrity but with the way they seemed to be dropping I guess it was just an cheap and easy pool that for 12 months I really didn’t need to pay attention to and just wait to see if I win or not. As of right now my list is still alive and kicking.

Here is a list of people on my list with a little reasoning to why I picked them:

  1. Miley Cyrus – I mean look at her, seems to be following the likes of all Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears but I feel that maybe she was just going to take it a little further.
  2. Lindsay Lohan – Have you seen her on the news? Seen the way she has been acting? I am suprised she is still kicking after all those drugs.
  3. Michael Douglas – He was a popular one on other lists as he was battling cancer.
  4. Margaret Thatcher – Lady Thatcher still alive but funeral plans are already in the works?
  5. Stan Lee – This guy is almost 89 years old!!!
  6. Hugh Hefner – Rockin 85 years old and has more swag then anyone reading this post.
  7. Betty White – The last Golden Girl can only go on for so long. Seems like she has resurrected her career once she became the last Golden Girl.
  8. Zsa Zsa Gabor – She was having lots of heath issues and is currently in a coma.
  9. Nicole Polizzi (snooki) – Have you seen the way she parties?
  10. Kirk Douglas – Had some health issues leading into 2011
  11. Mel Gibson – This guy went crazy last year.
  12. Cher – How much more can one handle with all these drugs?
  13. Charlie Sheehn – After is departure from Two and A Half Men him and and Warlocks have gone nuts.

Now all of my guesses are still alive and kicking. So do I feel that Death Pools are Moral and that they are ok to do? Well yes I think they are fine. I am not GOD and I cannot “legally” cause someone to die, so what is wrong with me putting a list together? I don’t believe in superstition or “jinx” and I can put 13 names on a list every year and it will not cause a persons death.

How do you feel about Death Pools? Care to share your list?

Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” – ROAD TRIP

August 7, 2011 1 comment

Wow what an incredible weekend I had…. I must say, as my 3rd on set movie, this was by far the best one and cannot wait till Summer 2012 to see the final product.

The road trip to Pittsburgh, PA started Friday, August 5th at 5:30pm.

08/05/11 - 8:10PM WethersField, CT

Around 7pm we got off the highway to grab dinner and stumbled upon a car show in WethersField, CT. Had some pretty nice cars and alot more then the ones on the Lowell Boulevard. After the pittstop we finished our trip to Pittsburgh, PA only making stops for gas. We reached Pittsburgh by 5:30am on Saturday, August 6th (At which I now have been awake for 24hours). We drove around Pittsburgh for about 45 minutes to try and find a breakfast place and a bathroom to change at which we had no luck. We ended up parking on a side street next to the Hospital in the area to change. We then headed over to the Big Crowd parking lot where they had the “Bat-Shuttle” aKa School Bus picked us up and brought us over to the set.

08/06/11 - 6:20am Heinz Field

Once we arrived to the Field they had the check-in tables and also 5 Hour Energy crew handing out free shots (MUCH NEEDED). As we walked into the Field they had goodie bags that they handed to everyone which contained a Gold Bandana, Ear Plugs, Sunscreen, Breakfast Bar & Water. This was my first time in Heinz Field, and as it is not as nice as our Gillette Stadium it was pretty cool to get to check out.

08/06/11 - 9:08am Inside Heinz Field

Now to the FUN STUFF!!! Once we got into the seats, we got to see what will become the Gotham Rogues Football Field!!! With luck on their side, it just so happens that the Pittsburgh and Gotham are Black & Yellow. First thing they filmed was C.J. Coyne singing the National Anthem which took about 5-6 takes. After that we got to see 1 play, a KICKOFF. Now when this movie comes out even though the Jerseys were Gotham Rogue jerseys, you might notice some of the names on the back of the jerseys, their numbers and some of the faces. Why? Well they just so happen to be some of the Pittsburgh Steelers players. Some of the players you may notice is: #7 – Ben Roethlisberger, #86 – Hines Ward, #17 – Mike Wallace, and a few others. Their coaches consisted of Bill Cowher, Kevin Colbert, Kelvin Fisher, Omar Kahn, Bruce McNorton, Dan Prunzik & Matt Smith. This one play took major of the morning/afternoon.

08/06/11 - 10:24am Working on KICKOFF

The BIG SCENE that we all were waiting for was the scene that required those Ear Plugs they provided us… Thats right the special effects, THE EXPLOSION!!!! This scene took about 3 hours to work on and dragged while we waited for the explosion. It was one of those scenes that their 60 explosives could only be done once so alot of practice was done to make it perfect. In between takes they raffled off alot of prizes which 1 I just so happened to win… a GOTHAM ROGUES T-SHIRT w/ LOGO!!! Thats right a shirt that you might see in stores in Summer 2012 after the movie comes out or maybe you wont see them.. but fact is I HAVE ONE!!!

All in All this was a great experience… the one downfall was the HEAT and the scene takes place in the “WINTER” so we had to wear jeans and jackets… This blog will remain private and password protected. If you share photos you are sharing them at your OWN RISK. Left Pittsburgh around 4:30pm on Saturday and got back home a little before 7:00am as we took a few nap breaks (This blog is being typed at hour 59!!! napped a total of 5 hours over the ride home). So with that said heres the rest of the photos.

08/06/11 - The Tumblers (Bane stole from BATMAN)

08/06/11 - 1:56PM Explosions all Setup

08/06/11 - 3:45PM After the Explosion (In the movie this is when the field rises)

Gotham City Rogues Shirt (Still in bag)

#TDKR in Pittsburgh, PA This Weekend

August 5, 2011 1 comment

Filming August 6th, 2011

Off to Pittsburgh (approx 10hour drive) to be an extra in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. I cannot wait to be on set as I know this will be probably the best set I get to be on. I want to thanks for this great opportunity. This will be my 3rd extra role, but my second with the @BeInAMovie Crew.

Heinz Field

Looks like I will be heading to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for a “Gotham City” football game. From my understanding this is going to be a HUGE scene with alot of people. Not sure if I will be getting noticed or not in this scene but just going to be a great experience. Also we were told there may be a little A.M. showers but thats fine by me.



Batman (left) - Bane (right)

Hopefully we get to see some of the main characters in action like Batman (Christian Bale), Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) & Bane (Tom Hardy). It will be great to see the Costumes in person and that fantastic Bat-Mobile.

I will be tweeting throughout my trip as we make our way down to Pittsburgh, PA. Please follow me on Twitter (@SGiuffreJR) if you would like to follow the tweets.


My Days of Being An Extra Is Not Over

Well my days of being a movie extra is not over!!!! On August 6th, I will be in Pittsburgh, PA to cast as an extra for the latest installment of “Batman – The Dark Knight Rises. This will be my 3rd time casting as an extra as my previous two films were “The Inventions of Lying” & “The Fighter”. Unfortunatly I was never able to find myself in the Award Winning Film “The Fighter” but I was able to find myself in a few scenes in “The Inventions of Lying”.

Let see if you can find me:

Hopefully I will be able to be visible in the Batman movie but if not it will still be a nice experience to be on set.