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Will it still be Two and a Half Men?

Well looks like the debut of Season 9 of “Two and a Half Men” will be on September 19th, 2011!!!! Who will be watching this season? I know I will need to atleast watch the first episode to see if it matches up to its hype. For those who don’t know why this season is going to be different from any other season, well its major charactor Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is no longer on the show. At first there was talk on who will replace Sheen and will they play the role of Charlie Harper or will they play in a new role.

From the looks of imdb.com it looks as they will be creating a new role for Ashton Kutcher to play (Raymond). How will they go about this? I have no idea. Tried to do some looking around to see if they have a synopsis for this season but there is currently nothing that I can find. So if you know something I don’t please feel free to share.

Angus T. Jones - Ashton Kutcher - Jon Cryer

All in all I am looking for feedback on peoples thoughts of this upcoming season… Charlie Sheen obviously does not have hope for this season.

I am thinking that if they play in the new role of Ashton Kutcher properly then this season can be just as hilarious as the previous ones.

  1. neil maille
    July 21, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    I think i will watch the first few episodes just out of curiousity… I really liked Charlie Sheens role in two and a half men. It remains to be seen if someone can step into that role & still make the show as popular as it was???

    We will see….

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