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Day 2 – Vitality

Vitality – The Power of Enduring

So far so good but now it is time to move on to #Day3… The big question will be, Will I be able to make it the first weekend without having any acoholic beverages?  It is going to be tought but I think I can do it.

There was a comment on my last blog suggesting that I may not be having enough “points” throughout the day. Lets just say I am not officialy following Weight Watchers. I manly track my points during the day to make sure they are not outragous and then having a normal dinner that I would usually have.

#DAY2 – 6/23/2011

— Banana, 105 Calories, *WW 3PPV

— Smart Ones – Shrimp Marinara, 190 Calories, *WW 5PPV
— Lemon Lime Seltzer Water

— Steak Tips, Chicken & Garlice Rice and Carrots
— 16.9oz Water w/ Crystal Light Raspberry Ice

— Clif Bar – Chocolate Chip (1oz bar), 100 Calories, *WW 3PPV
— 16.9oz Water
— Kellogs Nutri-Gram Cereal Bar – Blueberry, 120 Calories, *WW 3PPV

— Elliptical – 45 minutes – 2.35 miles – 601 calories burnt
— Tredmill – 15 minutes – .89 miles – 155 calories burnt
TOTAL – 1 hour – 3.24 miles – 756 calories burnt

*Weight Watchers PointsPlus Value

  1. Neil Maille
    June 24, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Your breakfast, lunch, and snacks were based on WW points (14 total).. So even though your not officially following weight watchers you still can get an idea if your taking in enough calories for a base weight of 290 to safely lose weight.. One hour at the gym burns approx 4 points.. That brings your point total to 10 not counting dinner…. At a base weight of 290 you are allowed 43 points… Did the steak tips, chicken, garlic rice, and carrots make up the 33 points needed ? I’d say maybe fifteen depending on how much you had ? So no more comments from me about not having enough points. It’s just that if you are below your daily point value by 15-20 every day over the course of one week you could be as much as 140 points under your weekly allowance. That works about to be approx 7,000 calories under the minimum.. That’s not safe.

    So from what i can see everything is perfect the way your doing it. Just pick up the calories by about 750 a day….

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